What to Expect

Below you will find some common questions

we’ve answered for you

When are Services?-Currently, our church services are Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00.  We have kids programs for ages 2-12, and a nursery for parents to bring fussy infants into.

How do I get to church?Driving Directions to our Church location.

What should I wear?– The pastor is more than likely going to be in jeans, so we hope you’ll come in whatever makes you comfortable.  If that’s shorts and flip flops, or a tuxedo with a bow-tie we have no expectation other than that you be dressed in some clothes.

Do you have anything for kids?– We sure do! Our kids ministry team does a great job, and kids can be checked in before each service in our downstairs area.  We’ll have an age-appropriate lesson, craft or game for the kids while you enjoy the service.  All our workers are carefully screened and background checked to ensure the safety of your child.

Do I have to give money?– No.  There will be an opportunity to give and if you want to worship God in your giving we encourage you to do so.  But you should never give out of guilt and we want all our guests to be comfortable.  For those who do give, an online giving option is available on the give tab above.

What will the service format be like?– Usually, a typical service will have a period of praise and worship (music with our band and song leader), some announcements, an offering, a message from our pastor or a guest speaker, followed by a challenge or prayer time before dismissal.  Some weeks there may be added elements including special music, dramas, baptism, missionaries or communion.  We start on time each week at 9:30 & 11:00, and will almost always get you out in under 65 minutes.

Who are you affiliated with?– We are part of the Assemblies of God.

Is it ok if I disagree with some of your beliefs?– Is it ok if we like different toppings on our pizza?  Just because we may not agree on some areas, everyone is welcome.  We don’t expect everyone to be alike in other areas of life, and so we also don’t expect everyone to agree with our beliefs 100%.  Just know that if you like vegetables on your pizza, you’re wrong. 🙂