Royal Family

There has always been a fascination with royalty and their way of life.
A Royal Family would include King, Queen, children ( princes
/princesses) and male-line grandchildren. Some of the many
functions of a Royal Family are listed: providing national identity,
stability, unity, to govern and protect people but foremost to
produce male heirs. The tendency to hold them in high regard and
expect perfection is unrealistic. In the Bible, no other King was as
revered as David, a man after God’s own heart ( I Samuel 13:14). He
was able to unite all of Israel under his central government in
Jerusalem, with his sons as royal advisors ( II Samuel 8:18). However, the Royal Family was plagued with dysfunction. After David did evil in the Lord’s sight by killing Uriah the Hittite and taking his wife Bathsheba for his own, Nathan the prophet pronounced the consequences from the Lord.

First -Calamity would come from David’s own household. His son Amnon raped his daughter Tamar (half-sister to Amnon). Then his son Absalom avenged this act by killing Amnon ( 2 Samuel 13: 1-2,12-14, 28).

Second- Someone close to the king would lie with his wives in public. Absalom hatched a conspiracy to seize his father’s throne and humiliated David by pitching a tent on the roof so all Israel could see him sleep with the concubines ( II Samuel 15:1-6, 16: 20-22).

Third-Bathsheba and David’s son would die. The child took sick and after lingering 7 days, died ( II Samuel 12:18). The source of great pain for
David was the death of son Absalom by the hand of his nephew Joab,
who was told specifically to spare Absalom. However, out of David’s
Royal Family came the one perfect Ruler, King Jesus whose wisdom
and power are supernatural. His kingdom will never end ( Luke 1:33).
We become a part of His Royal Family by accepting Him as Savior and
Lord. Jesus, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords is worthy of our allegiance
and He will not disappoint us.