He Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

If you were around in the 60’s, you may recognize this line from a popular Beatles song. “He” refers to God the Father and His divine love. The wellknown song however, has “she” in the title and refers to human love between a woman and a man. Human love is based on emotions and feelings that may cause you to experience obsessive thoughts, stress and increased perspiration. These feelings of infatuation are caused by the brain releasing the hormone Phenylethylamine (love drug). By the way, the same hormone is found in chocolate. That explains a lot! In some relationships, you may encounter a fickle person whose level of affection changes frequently. This person wavers and lacks the steadfastness needed for a successful, faithful relationship. It is by these human standards that we measure our understanding of God’s love. In Psalm 139, King David describes God’s divine love. He expresses 3 astounding facts:

1-God knows everything about him.

2-He can’t get away from the Holy Spirit.

3-God’s thoughts are precious about him.

God’s love is not based on our latest performance in Bible reading or prayer. It is not based on how many kind words we spoke to the hateful neighbor. Love is God’s unchangeable character trait (I John 4:8b). God’s love has no beginning and no end. Nothing can dislodge us from the unchanging, Steadfast love of God (Romans 8:38-39). Accept that He loves you Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.