Supernatural Communication

By reading Acts Chapter 10, you will learn that the Roman centurion , Cornelius saw a vision and the Apostle Peter also saw a vision. When the two men met, Peter preached a salvation message and all of the relatives and friends gathered in Cornelius home believed in the Lord Jesus as Savior. All present were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. These events in Acts 10 were profoundly marked by supernatural communication. You may believe that God’s only form of communication is through His written word, the Bible. However, He is supernatural in nature and is free to communicate with us supernaturally. Cornelius recognized the vision and message of the angel as from God. He was so sure of it that he acted Immediately and sent for Peter. The Apostle Peter also identified the source of his vision and message as God. He did not hesitate to go when Cornelius’ Men arrived. There is no doubt that those gathered to hear Peter were expecting a supernatural communication. The Holy Spirit was poured out and they all spoke in tongues. Are you open and expecting a supernatural communication from God in any method He selects? Whether He chooses a vision, a dream, a still small voice, a “knowing” in your mind or a prophetic word from another person, don’t let fear and doubt keep you from receiving God’s supernatural communication for you.

Prayer – Sovereign Lord, I want to hear the message you have for me by any method you choose. Holy Spirit  prompt me to be watching and listening so that my relationship with You deepens. In the Royal, Holy Name of Jesus. Amen